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Terms of use

Privacy Policy


Security of Account and Password

  1. The customer will be assigned to an account and password corresponding to registration details in the Application Form.
  2. The customer commits to apply appropriate and necessary security clauses in relation to the access and use of the account and password, and to make sure that access and use rights in the Software do not violate this Regulation; also, you must ensure the compliance of Users under your management
  3. You are obliged to inform AsiaSoft of any security breach of the password and account, unauthorized access into the Software immediately after being aware of the same.
  4. AsiaSoft commits to not access or disclose the account and password, or any change therein unless:
  • As requested by the Customer;
  • As required by an order of the Court or competent governmental agencies.

In this case, AsiaSoft will immediately inform the Customer of such a disclosure

AsiaSoft has the right to restrict or suspend the access into the Software by one or more accounts if it finds that it may abuse the security and it is necessary to ensure the integrity and security of the Software and user. AsiaSoft will inform the Customer in case of such a violation of the Customer’s account.

Information Confidentiality

  1. Customers understand and acknowledge that, by using the Service, customers’ information in relation to finance & accounting, business, bank accounts, organizational structure and other financial or personal/organizational information (“Information”) that have been input and processed on the software will be stored on the server maintained by AsiaSoft to operate the Software.
  2. Customers hereby commit that customers hold legal title in financial Information input in the software, and customers have the right to grant permission to AsiaSoft to store such financial information on the server maintained by AsiaSoft. Also, customers commit to take full responsibility for contents that customers have input in and/or processed on the software that you have access rights.
  3. By accepting this Policy, customers authorize Acceptance to access, re-format, and store such information on the server of AsiaSoft in an appropriate and confidential manner to supply the Services to the Customer.
  4. AsiaSoft represents and warrants to not access, modify any Information, share, disclose, or provide any information to any third party unless with the Customer's consent. Also, AsiaSoft will take necessary measures to an allowable extent to ensure the confidentiality of above-mentioned information.
  5. AsiaSoft will immediately inform the Customer when:
  6. It is warned or suspects that there was or is any breach of information security; or
  7. It is requested to disclose any Information by laws or competent authorities.
  8. AsiaSoft's confidentiality obligation does not apply to:
  9. Information that has become a part of public domain as of the disclosure or legally becomes a part of public domain without the violation of AsiaSoft's confidentiality obligation;
  10. Information that AsiaSoft has obtained before being disclosed by the Customer, provided that the origin of this information is not legally bound by any confidentiality clause, legal obligation, contract, or confidential agreement with the Customer with respect to such information.
  11. Information that is legally disclosed to AsiaSoft by a Third Party, which has not received, directly or indirectly, such Information from the Customer and is not bound by any confidentiality obligation;
  12. Information so permitted in writing by the Customer; or
  13. A disclosure is required by an order of laws, Court, or competent authorities.
  14. Confidentiality obligation of AsiaSoft will be terminated upon the expiration of the Contract 
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