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Currently, learning “Machine Accounting” has become an essential need of many people, including employees and new graduates that want to learn about machine accounting to develop their skills and knowledge about an useful tool, helping make their accounting jobs become easier and more effective.

        For students that are graduating, they want to learn about machine accounting to equip themselves with necessary skills, which will become their advantages in seeking for jobs, making them more confident in front of other candidates.

        Based on this practical need, teaching machine accounting and accounting model and software in universities, colleges, and intermediary schools have become more popular than ever.


To support them in teaching machine accounting and accounting model and software more conveniently, AsiaSoft has researched and developed a specially-designed accounting software version for education purpose, SIMBAforEDU.

SIMBAforEDU is developed from SIMBA ACCOUNTING with following characteristics:

·         It has got a small size, quick installation process, and is easy to use

·         It does not require high system requirements for installation of additional support software

·         In the software, each student is assigned to a separate data and user for practice

·         It enables easy export to pdf, excel, OneNote for submission to teachers

·         It is so highly flexible that it can run on USB and be easily copied from schools or vice versa, thereby supporting students with their homework

AsiaSoft also supplies practice exercise with sample data for comparison, including:

·         Practice exercises as operational descriptions

·         Practice exercises as the case study in a specific enterprise

Currently, AsiaSoft is supplying SIMBAforEDU for free together with practice exercises to all universities and schools that have needs of teaching machine accounting and commit to supporting them throughout the course (Software transfer, latest update, exercises, new lessons, etc.)

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 Practice exercises with actual accounting records and annual finalization



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