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Simba 4A

Price: 4000000
Terms of use

Terms of Use

The Customer is advised to check the devices and computers, software installed on their computers and connected services (such as Internet access connection) in relation to the access and use of services to make sure that they are compatible with the Software.

AsiaSoft takes no responsibility for any failure to access or use the Software as a result of errors in network connection, hardware, other software installed on Customer's devices, including but not limited to hardware failure or incompatibility with the Software; incompatibility between the Software and other software installed and/or used by the Customer; Internet interruption connection or poor signal.

AsiaSoft gives no warranty or representation that this Service is free from any virus, interruption, or failure; however, AsiaSoft will perform maintenance of the Software to make sure that its operations meet its purposes.

AsiaSoft commits that it has the right to use the Software as a service to supply to the Customer and that it strictly complies with regulations of intellectual property laws. 

By accepting to supply the Services to the Customer, AsiaSoft agrees to grant the Customer the right to use the Software in compliance with the terms hereof during the Term of the Service. Except stated otherwise here above, no clause shall be understood as granting, assigning, or transferring any intellectual property right in the Software to the Customer, unless expressively specified in writing and approved by legal representatives of the Customer and AsiaSoft.


     SIMBA Accounting Software - a packaged version of AsiaSoft, is designed for small and medium - scale enterprises with purpose to help them save costs, minimize unnecessary procedures, and simplify and streamline accounting work.

      SIMBA Accounting has a friendly and easy user interface that enables users without IT and accounting knowledge to use and exploit the software system for management of economic activities arising in their enterprises. Nevertheless, SIMBA still guarantees to comply with regulations and decisions of MOF as well as latest requirements of tax authorities.


Operation Subsystem

Simba 4A

 Simba 4B

 1. System Administration

 2. Summary Subsystem

     - Accounting books

     - Financial statements

     - Tax reports

 3. Cash and Bank Deposit Subsystem

 4. Sales & Receivable Subsystem

 5. Self-Billing and Invoice Management in accordance with Decree 51

 6. Purchase & Payable Subsystem

 7. Stock Management Subsystem

 8. Instrument & Tool Management Subsystem

 9. Prepaid Expenses (142, 242)

 10. Fixed Asset Management Subsystem

 11. Administration Reporting

     - Cost reporting by item, sub-item & contra account

     - Revenue and cost reporting by case / contract / work

     - Business performance reporting by case / contract / work

  12. Salary Subsystem

  13. Historical Cost Subsystem (simple cost, cost rating, construction cost)



SIMBA Accounting enables security based on password and decentralization of access rights to each function of the program and user. SIMBA has the capability to control all functionalities, such as input, edit, or delete a user document, view access history of a user document and a list of deleted documents.


  • Circular No. 200/2014/TT-BTC issued on 22/12/2014
  • Decision No. 48/2006/QD-BTC issued on 14/09/2007.
    •    Automatic calculation and preparation of VAT and CIT reports in accordance with following circulars:
  • Circular No. 119/2014/TT-BTC
    •   Complying with Circular No. 103/2005/TT-BTC dated 24/11/2005 on accounting software criteria and conditions.
    •    Decree No. 51/2010/ND-CP providing for goods and services provision invoices


SIMBA Interface is designed in a simple and easily navigable manner for users.

There is a variety of means of user support: User Manual Guide, Guide Video, Hotline, online support via the website, etc. enabling users to quickly master the software.


  •    SIMBA is provided with Customer Support and Service Hotline in all of three regions: North (Hanoi), Central (Da Nang), and South (Ho Chi Minh City).
  •    Online support via the website offer latest updates of user manuals, versions, and circulars and decisions of MOF at all times.


SIMBA supports many cost calculation methods, including simple method, rating method, etc. cost subjects may be product, work, contract, order, etc.


  •   Installing SIMBA is easy and simple, completely automatic (default settings may be changed by users) without much time or installation of any other support software.

    Users will also be supported with the installation and operation by instruction manuals, video, and support hotline.

Support data check with drill-down feature: From final summary data (trial balance of accounts, general journal, liability report, receipt-delivery-stock summary report, etc.) SIMBA enables to drill down detailed records and original documents.

 Filter and correct documents on the general journal

 View and correct document details of accounts directly on T-diagram

 Operational functions of advanced expense management

 Data input utilities:

o     Move from one slip to another instantly with a right click

o     Automatic collection-payment function: purchase order input, sales with automatic generation of purchase/payment order, debit note, credit note.

o     Document formatting and renumbering function

o     Export input/output VAT statements in declaration support forms

o     Engine for easily searching names of customers, suppliers, goods, and materials in case of missing installed codes.

o    Calculator functions - F11: call up a calculator and make calculations in fields with values (quantity, unit price, debit amount, credit amount, etc.) and automatically update calculated values in the software


Product code

Description of products & services

Unit price



 Accounting software for trade & service fields



 Accounting software for trade & service, manufacture & construction fields


 Associated services

(free of charge)

 - Installation, advice, and instructions on how to use for 2 sessions at offices of the enterprises (HCMC, Da Nang, Hanoi) 

 - Support with design of VAT invoice samples by filling in the blank

 - 12-month warranty (Unlimited term of use for software)



Simba accounting software is designed as a small package with no high system requirements

Minimum requirements:

For Microsoft Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10

 Intel Pentium IV 1.8 GHz

 256 MB RAM

 1 GB of Free Hard Disk

For Microsoft Windows 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000 Professional

 Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or higher

 128 MB RAM

 500 MB of Free Hard Disk

Simba 4B
Simba Accounting 4B
     SIMBA Accounting Software - a packaged version of AsiaSoft, is designed for small and medium - scale enterprises with purpose to help them save costs, minimize unnecessary procedures, and simplify and streamline accounting work.       SIMBA Accounting has a friendly and easy user interface that enables users without IT and accounting knowledge to use and exploit the software system for management of economic activities arising in...
Accounting for Edu
 Currently, AsiaSoft is supplying SIMBAforEDU for free together with practice exercises to all universities and schools that have needs of teaching machine accounting and commit to supporting them throughout the course (Software transfer, latest update, exercises, new lessons, etc.)
Invoice management
Simba Invoice is a VAT billing software under Decree 51 - a product of AsiaSoft designed to meet operational procedures to create, print, issue, manage, and secure invoices when an enterprise performs self-billing in accordance with Decree 51.
Sales & inventory management
Stock & Sales Management Software – Simba Stock is designed: Manage the whole process of receipt, delivery, sales, collection, and payment on the computer Information stored in the system helps with quick and timely inquiry, reconciliation, and check. Software provides an administration reporting system that helps the managers with the basis to developing selling plans based on easily sold items, purchase times of customers,...

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Simba software installation guide

Please double click setup icon for Simba package downloaded from the website.

Click "Next" to install. Or click "Cancel" to cancel the installation.


Click “I Agree” to continue the installation.


Click "Approve" to change the installation directory if you want to change. Then, click "Install" to continue the installation.


Wait a minute for the program to be installed.


When installation is completed, click "Complete" to finish the installation of Simba.


After installing the product, please run Simba icon in the desktop.

 NOTE: If there is font error when software installation is completed, proceed as follows:

 How to install Fonts


Download Video Installation Guide Fonts

Software log-in interface is shown below

  • Log-in name: SIMBA (default)
  • Password: None
  • Base unit: default value is “Trial Input”. If you want to view data, select “Sample Data” (sample data is available for viewing a report)

Software interface after logging in

If Fonts are not installed for whatever reason (Fonts cannot be read when software is run), you can install Fonts as follows: 
Go to default software installation directory: D:AsiasoftSIMBAFont, copy all Fonts in this folder, and then past them in Fonts folder in Windows (C: WindowsFonts)

When paste dialog box will appear to inform the content of this roughly fonts now available if you want to replace are not, choose yes or ok until done past windows fonts

Thank you very much for your trust and use of SIMBA software 

We'd like to wish you success

Số tổng đài mới của AsiaSoftHCM: 1900 63 66 89